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"Comprehensive solution and transformation of your educational institutions."

UltroERP is a market-leading ERP platform for schools / colleges / universities that is user-friendly, flexible, stable, accessible, diverse, and embedded in every generation of devices.

Academic management offers better expansion to your institution and helps establish an efficient flow of processes, brings your administration to its simplicity and helps you transform yourself from tedious, manual administrative jobs to digital structures.


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school admin

Managing school days is a difficult and time-consuming task. This software helps safeguard school data, manage confidential information, and protect passwords.

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fee collection

Parents can now deposit fees through the school management system software and receive printed receipts by post, semi-annual fees / deposits

account management

Maintaining funding for each school is a very difficult task because accountants must keep updates for every penny and the data is absolutely safe and there are current account reports.


This makes the adoption process simple and effective and useful for parents because they know the process, the date and time of their planning, can track and automatically generate numbers.


This software is connected to a bio-metric machine and you receive daily / monthly and annual visit reports.


Managing student data is the main task of every educational institution because it manages personal information, results, and student records


This processes all personal and professional information about the employee


Making curriculum is a difficult task, tables play an important role for schools and must be correct. This software creates a schedule for the schedule


Nowadays the internet is used quickly and it is also important for parents to update their students. Parents can view academic preparation and visit reports.


Admin have all the rights to add different transport vehicles with driver details like Name, Vehicle no, License no and Driver's phone no. It can Assign and Manage different Routes to different Drivers with mentioned Vehicle no.


School management software systems are enabled for the administration of student work.


Librarians must strive to manage books and records using a school management system that leads to organized management.

simple,powerful & Affordable SMS

                                                                               "Get a unique experience with a digitized educational interface"

 Easy to Use

Software for online school management systems is very easy to use. Users do not need a degree or special skills to use it.

Security Software 

Details software is completely safe and confidential. There is no third party who can intervene and the story can be seen from the panel.

Multiple Controls 

This software manages various managers on campus and performs various tasks on one platform.

Better Communication

School management software has improved communication and narrowed the gap between parents and teachers.

View Report

Management can review reports at any time from any department or individual. School management software makes it easy to view reports with just one click.


The support system lasts 24 hours, and staff, teachers, and students can use the platform when needed.

Multiple Language

Anyone can use this software because it is available in many languages.

Backup Facility

School management system software provides backup for schools, they are not afraid of losing data, they always have the right to recover data


School management system software manages student and teacher attendance. Teachers and management should not waste time participating.

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