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Hospital Management System

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        The UltroERP Hospital Management System is designed for hospitals to give them the best way to manage their organizations.

        Our hospital software focuses on excellent coordination between health organizations such as hospitals, clinics and clinics as well as patients, which makes eHealth a very successful and effective approach.

        This hospital management software is reliable and guarantees complete data security. It was developed with the current complex requirements and the importance of TIME in mind.

        Give your business a health boost with a high-tech Hospital Management Solution

        UltroERP is a complete web-based hospital management system that offers comprehensive customer service and an excellent tool for recording information and managing records, reducing errors.


        This module automates the daily operations of your hospital's front office management. This supports the operator in helping patients with accurate information and effectively handling all patient related problems. With advanced search programs and excellent functions, service quality is improved, which is made easier for users.

        ouT Patient

        Our solution is designed to assist the hospital in managing the OPD management processes end to end.

        • Patient registration

          Practitioner management

          Prescription management

          Billing and invoicing

          Reporting and analytics


        in-patient Management

        This module manages patient reception and transmission functions. It automates daily administration activities and provides easy access to other modules for better and faster patient care.

        In-Patient registration

        Bed management

        Laboratory reports

        Discharge summary

        Billing and invoicing

        Examination and investigation


        Blood Bank

        This module is well connected to other modules, OT and Ward, which can produce blood and other blood during surgery.

        Physical examination

        Donation cancellation

        Bag number and donor number generation.

        Cell/serum grouping and validation.

        Serology test entry and validation.

        Pharmacy Management

        This module automates the entire operation and management process of pharmaceutical management to improve accuracy, efficiency and safety.

        Supplier registration

        Provisions for adding drug categories

        Purchasing management

        Inventory management

        Internal department for drug administration

        Control drug leakage

        Provisions for returning drugs to the seller.

        Inventory Management

        This module deals with purchasing items needed at the hospital, sending these items to different stations, maintaining stock and determining the minimum stock / minimum order quantity for each warehouse. 

        RFID-based asset tracking

        Supplier Management

        Patient and personnel tracking

        Proximity detection

        Asset database

        Asset maintenance

        Doctor Consultation

        The doctor can also record the patient's symptoms and allergies and suggest details about the treatment.

        The doctor can review all reservations booked.

        List of outpatients and inpatients assigned to their care.

        Diagnosis and appointment of tests.

        Prescribe prescriptions with access to a drug database.


        Appointment Scheduling

        Determination to determine the conditions of available doctors.

        Simple search for doctors according to the required specialization.

        Patients can request an appointment online.


        Provision of Hospital service fees.

        Patient billing integrates with all clinical and administrative modules: OPD, IPD, Radiology, Diet & Nutrition, Pharmacy.

        Each patient is identified with a tariff code based on payment class.

        Finance & Insurance 

        This module lets hospitals to manage daily purchase or sales transactions while enabling them to capitalize on new opportunities.

        Claims & Revenue management.

        Provisions for adding types and insurance plans.

        Plan to quickly request insurance and send it to the company for approval.


        electronic Media report

        The Electronic Medical Record module is a safe real-time care center and patient-oriented platform for doctors.

        optimizes the doctor's work process, closes all gaps in communication and responses that lead to delays or omissions in patient care, and thus offers high-quality and cost-effective patient care.  

        Hr & Payroll

        Talent Management Solutions

        Recruitment Management

        Payroll Software

        Performance Management

        Compensation Planning & Administration

        Talent Development

        Learning Management

        Competency Management

        Training Management.



        Quick Setup

        Access our software anytime anywhere on any Device.

        Increase productivity 

        Increase Productivity 

        Ensure ideal productivity levels by leveraging automation

        Reduce leakages

        Reduce Leakages 

        Maximize the control on your inventory and reduce stock pilferage

        Streamline workflow

        Streamline Workflow

        Integrated interface which allows interfacing between all departments.



        Analyse each data and create customization reports from your dashboard



        Enable secure payment gateway and make every options available for patients

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