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    Dashboards to provide all critical information at single click.  Users can plan their schedule and activities as per Dashboards.

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    Keep everyone informed about what organization expects from them.  Employees can track their performance against the KPIs assigned to them.

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    Alerts & Escalations

    System provides you regular alerts & escalations such as list of employee having driver's license or visa or work permit expiring in next 30 days.

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    Payroll Management

    Payroll system is fully integrated with the HR & Accounting systems.  Payroll is calculated based on the attendance, leaves, & salary structures. 

    Automated Entries in the accounting books.

    Generate Instruction sheet for the bank for sending request of employees' salary payments.

    Leave Management

    Employees can apply for the leave from his portal.

    Tool for employees to see and plan his leaves.

    Multiple approval levels.

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    Expenses Management

    Easiest way to create expense sheets & attach the expense proofs.

    Loan & Advances

    Employee can apply for the loans & advances & complete workflow with the multi level approval system

    Alerts & Escalations

    Email, SMS, WhatsApp Alerts for the immediate attentions

    Recruitment Management

    Resume filter, Multiple Rounds of the interviews, activities associated with the recruitment.

    Employee Management

    Complete Lifecycle Management of the employee, 360 degree view for the HR, Management, and employee

    Onboarding Process

    Plan activities when an employee joins the organizations and keep track of these activities.

    Performance Management

    Monitor employee's performance against the KPIs, plan activities to improve his performance.

    Appraisal Management

    Regular Review of the performance against the KPIs. Measure for the improvement plan.

    Talent Management

    Nurture the talent of the employee, groom them for bigger responsibilities.

    Succession Plan

    To make your organization agile, plan succession of the critical resources. Gain stakeholders' faith in your team.

    Grievance Management

    Give tool to the employees to share their grievances. Solve grievances to boost morale of the employees.

    Exit Processes

    Plan activities for the exit of employee. Get clearance from all critical departments such as IT, Finance, Ops.

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