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    ERP For Manufacturing 

    UltroERP Manufacturing ERP is designed for manufacturing brilliance. With the real time information on hand, it puts a wide area of manufacturing areas at ease, such as make-to-order, make-to-stock, configure-to-order and just-in-time manufacturing. With UltroERP you are working with the system which is flawlessly integrated with all of your departments and giving you the cutting edge of latest technology impacts on your business.  

    UltroERP gives you the power of visibility across the departments, shop floor and inventory without leaving your desk. It has the futuristic dashboards, which bring your data to life. These interactive dashboards are intuitive and dynamic, throwing you a complete insight into your business analyzing and revealing those hard facts that require corrective action.  

    Be prepared and be informed with real time data, be it your currently running jobs, no of hands this shift and so on. Our interoperability feature even helps you extract data right from the machineries, biometric systems, devices & scales and barcodes into the system. 

    Make Technology Your Business Advantage


    Strong and complete functionality for warehousing, customized manufacturing, engineers tailored to project orientation, workshop work, batch production and repeat adjusts to your company as you grow and change.   Take full control from technical change requests to technical change orders to technical change notifications with approval at every step of the process.   


    UltroERP offers feature-rich cloud production software. UltroERP Manufacturing Edition extends the UltroERP package for distribution management, customer management, financial management, and project accounting. UltroERP Manufacturing provides real-time coordination of your business activities from a central location, while application integration allows you to get visibility anywhere in the company. 

    Work Centers, Routing, Bill of Material

    Create Multiple & Complex manufacturing scenrios by creating Work Centers, Routing, & Bill of Materials

    Material requirements planning 

    Meet customer needs and ensure optimal inventory with a powerful MRP planning tool from UltroERP Manufacturing Edition. 

    Planning and scheduling

    Meeting customer needs by setting accurate and reliable delivery times based on resource availability with advanced planning and UltroERP planning.

    Production data acquisition 

    Print barcodes and use the scanner to retrieve business data, including work and material transactions and inventory movements. 

    Follow your schedule

    Estimate demand while optimizing resources for efficiency and cost control by planning with our production ERP software, including a complete set of modules. Use MRP and APS to align material requirements with the production schedule.

    Track your expenses 

    Track material and labor costs while managing your products. Compare standard and planned production costs with actual production costs.


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