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Project Management

Connect. Control. Collaborate. Conquer.

If your business is looking for more flexibility and higher productivity while managing the complexity and problems of change, you may need tools to visualize and manage that complexity.

UltroERP project management can be easily integrated with other UltroERP applications such as shipping, sales and finance.


Ensure Resource Visibility & Project Security.

  • Implement the project methodically. 

  • Manage project resources from end to end.

  • Identify and record all important resources (human and machine) involved in the project.

  • Assign access rights for people involved in the project to ensure security at the user level and to restrict unauthorized access.

PROJECT Planning

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises. Plan Well.

  • Plan projects in advance and avoid running out of resources and wasting time.

  • Define Effectively defines multiple projects / sub-project tasks in the order of their planned implementation.

  • Recording Simple recording of the tasks to be subcontracted through the same module window.


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project billing

Classify cost centers.

With UltroERP project management solutions you can define a cost center for your project. Invoices and phases to be paid can be defined and details of planned / planned revenue / expenses from a project can be recorded for each phase. 

  • Define the cost center and calculated and non-billing attributes for your project.

  • Calculate the total cost of the project as well as costs classified as costs related to tasks, interests, and resources.

Project Tracking

Ensure healthy project development.

By tracking project progress effectively, you can identify and analyze problems and risks associated with the project. Details on how problems are resolved and how mitigation plans and contingency plans are developed can also be saved. 

  • Record and track detailed data on project progress, resource efficiency and actual milestones.

  • Compare the expected results with actual results for an effective resource efficiency analysis.

  • Identify and analyze problems and risks associated with the project and actively address them.


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PROJECT Accounting

Account for every penny spent.

  • Set a project budget.

  • Combine cost and revenue and save project budget by account.

  • Record the funds received for a project, regardless of whether the funds can be used for the entire project or part of it.


PROJECT profitability

Know the Profit Gains or Dips

  • Generate testimonials from your project implementation to determine the profitability of your project or sub-project or profitability in terms of assignments / resources.

  • Measure profitability objectively by comparing actual costs versus projected costs, actual revenue versus projected revenue, and actual profitability versus projected profitability.






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